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You have reached the main page of SpyEye Tracker. This page is the monitoring page which lists all SpyEye Command&Control Server (C&C) tracked by SpyEye Tracker. This site has a similiar setup like the ZeuS Tracker: With a click on one of the C&Cs listed below you can get detailed information about the C&C including it's status, Uptime, AS information, the used Nameservers, Sponsoring registrar as well as all SpyEye Binaries, Configs or dropzones hosted on the C&C.

Each SpyEye C&C is tagged with a level and each level has a different meaning:

Level Description
Level 1 Bulletproof hosted
Level 2 Hacked webserver
Level 3 Free hosting service
Level 4 Unknown
Level 5 Hosted on a FastFlux botnet

You can also search through SpyEye Tracker for a Domain, IP address, part of a URL or MD5 hash:

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